3 Key Steps to Grooming Your Beard the Right Way

3 Key Steps to Grooming Your Beard the Right Way

You're not alone if you find yourself suddenly open to the idea of growing out your beard in all its bushy glory or beginning to feel a little bit intrigued about what your face would look like with some real scruff.

Extremely little exposure to the harsh "set of norms" of the outside world gives nothing less than a fantastic opportunity to try out a new appearance (or several!)

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Letting your facial-hair freak flag fly is the ideal way to feel like you're bucking a few conventions covertly, something you'd be reluctant to do otherwise. Sit down and stay a while; the Hallowed Halls of the Hirsute is a fascinating place to stroll. Not like you have any other plans, really. Might as well make a little post here.)

If you want to avoid looking like a supporting character in a medieval period piece who dies fifteen minutes into the movie, it is also the perfect time to adopt a down-and-dirty, DIY ethos. Growing out a beard is no excuse not to maintain your grooming game on point. Instead, maintain your facial hair in check and frequently trim your beard to look like the leading guy you were supposed to portray, even if all it takes is a quick touch-up a few times per week.

Not yet persuaded? To make maintaining any type of facial hair at home as simple as shaving it all off each morning, we've broken it down into a few simple steps.

Keep It Clean and Soft in Step 1

For obvious reasons, it's not ideal to have a dry, unclean beard. But when it's time for a trim, it's extremely terrible. Thus, maintain it tidy. Wash your face first with a beard shampoo because the skin on your face is different from the skin on your scalp and it's ideal to use a product designed specifically for the job. Finally, condition. It will ease tensions and make the subsequent step simpler.

Next, brush it off

Take a brush once your beard has dried, and brush against the grain to make the hairs stand up and out. This will not only make trimming simpler, but it will also draw attention to any length anomalies.

Third, trim

To cut your hair the length you like, use clippers. (It is preferable to begin with a larger guard to avoid unintentionally trimming things too short.) An even length all around is acceptable if you want something straightforward and brief. You'll need to make things a little more challenging if you're going farther or want to give it some shape. You shouldn't worry; it's not that difficult.

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