Do Beards Help with Allergies?*

Do Beards Help with Allergies?*
Seasonal allergies can be a nightmare for many people, causing symptoms like sneezing, runny noses, itchy eyes, and general discomfort. While there are many well-known methods for managing these symptoms, one surprising and often overlooked aid can be found right on the face of many men: beards. Continue reading

What's the Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Conditioner?

What's the Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Conditioner?


If your beard is simply, perfect, or if you're looking to get the perfect beard, proper beard grooming and maintenance are both key. Beard oil and beard conditioner are important tools in your beard grooming arsenal. While they share similar goals of giving you a healthy beard and enhancing your overall beard's appearance, each product has different benefits and different uses. So what are the differences between beard oil and beard conditioner?  

Beard Oil: Hydrate, Moisturize, and Soften



Beard oil can hydrate both the beard hair and the skin underneath. So if you have dryness, itchiness, and/or flakiness, consider beard oil. Our beard oil contains ingredients that help nourish, such as safflower seed oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil. These ingredients penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize the beard from the inside out.


Beard oil ingredients moisturize, replenishing essential moisture that you may have lost when washing your beard or when your beard has been exposed to too much sun or other harsh environmental elements. Moisturizing softens the beard and can also strengthen it to helps prevent frizzy hair and breakage. By keeping the moisture levels regulated, beard oil can help give you a more manageable and soft beard.


Beard oil helps to soften coarse beard hair and reduce tangles, making your beard more manageable. The conditioning properties of the oil help to smooth the beard, improving the beard's overall texture. This promotes a beard that not only looks great, but is also soft.

Growth Promotion

No, beard oil doesn't directly make your beard grow. BUT, it helps create an ideal environment for growth by promoting a healthy foundation. Beard oil nourishes the hair follicles and the skin underneath, and it helps prevent dryness and other factors that can be negatively impacting your beard's growth. The more hydrated and moisturized your beard, the more likely it will grow more thick and full long-term.

Beard Conditioner: Protection, Growth Promotion, and Damage Repair

Beard conditioner offers its own unique benefits, and these benefits complement beard oil. 


Beard conditioner helps give your beard a protective barrier against everything from UV rays to air pollution. By shielding the hair from damage caused by such environmental stressors, your beard is able to stay healthier and more resistant to damage. Conditioner also minimizes the risk of hair breakage.

Growth Promotion

Like beard oil, beard conditioner indirectly helps support healthy beard growth. It also nourishes the hair and the underlying skin to create an optimal environment for hair growth. The right conditioner will have ingredients such as vitamins, proteins, and natural extracts to help strengthen the hair follicles and reduce inflammation.

Damage Repair

Beard conditioner excels at repairing and revitalizing damaged beard hair. Again, the best beard conditioner will contain ingredients that can help restore moisture, repair split ends, and improve your beard's overall appearance. Regular use of conditioner helps offset some of the stressors of styling, grooming, and the environment to help your beard look healthier and more vibrant.

Finding the Perfect Balance: Beard Oil and Beard Conditioner

Instead of thinking "either or" when it comes to beard oil and beard conditioner, you can think "both." Oil and conditioner complement each other, so consider adding both to your grooming routine to address different aspects of beard care. 

Application Order:

After washing your beard with a gentle cleanser, apply beard conditioner. Allow it to sit for a few minutes so that it can penetrate the hair. With a leave-in conditioner, there's no need to rinse. If it's not a leave-in conditioner, be sure to rinse the conditioner out of your beard before you move on to the next step.

Follow-Up with Beard Oil:

After you've washed and conditioned your beard, add a few drops of beard oil into your palms. Then massage the oil into your beard. Make sure you've evenly  distributed the oil by running your fingers or a beard comb through the hair. 

Beard oil and beard conditioner provide a great combination in helping you achieve a great beard. Protect and nurture your beard to make sure it stays fresh and you.



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