4 Proven Ways to Get Beard Growth Fast

4 Proven Ways to Get Beard Growth Fast
  1. Growing a beard takes time. Most men require three to five weeks to really comprehend how their beard will develop. What exactly does this imply? BEFORE the three-week mark, DO NOT trim or style your beard. Before shaping, I recommend waiting at least four weeks. If you trim your beard too soon, it may become uneven.

One condition, though: your beard should never touch your chest hair. That wildebeest needs to be trimmed.

When I first started growing a beard, I let it grow halfway down my neck before defining the line. Both beards and chest hair are marks of masculinity in their own right. Putting them together does not make you a better man. It transforms you into the missing link.

  1. It is going to itch. Accept that fact, but don't accept it completely. One of the main reasons I developed stubble &'stache was to alleviate beard irritation, and our flagship product performs a great job of doing so. Stay tough, itch or no itch. You'll be a man among boys in no time.
  2. It's time to get in shape. Take a good, long look in the mirror after the waiting period and decide how you want your beard to look. Do you want to channel your inner ZZ Top? Are you a man with a short beard? Do you favor the look of stubble? Everything is fine. What important is that you choose the outfit that makes you feel the most at ease. You can begin shaping your beard once you've seen how it grows. Trim your neck and let the rest of that beast go wild if you're going ZZ Top.
  3. If possible, visit a reputable barber who specializes in beard trimming. They'll treat your beard with the same reverence they lavish on your magnificent mane. Even trimming our faces is challenging due to the numerous indentations, protrusions, and other natural forms. Your barber will trim your beard where it needs to be trimmed and leave the sections that don't need to be trimmed alone. Your beard (and face) will be a dazzling example of symmetry at the end of service.

Beard Care: Use a beard conditioner and facial moisturizer on a daily basis, as well as a premium beard oil. This will keep your beard soft and lustrous while also minimizing itch, split ends, and "beard-druff" and supporting healthy skin. After washing your face and beard, apply it twice a day.

Use a beard wash designed specifically for your face and beard when it's time to wash it. If that isn't an option, wash your beard with shampoo. Normal face wash can remove your essential beard oils, leaving you with a dry, harsh beard.

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