5 Ways You're Messing Up Your Beard

5 Ways You're Messing Up Your Beard

If you're trying to grow a beard, you obviously want it to look good. However, there are a lot of ways you can actually sabotage the process.

Even if you've already had a beard for a while, you still might be doing things that are hurting your overall results.

Want a healthy beard? Here are a few things to keep in mind. These are things you definitely should NOT do:


1. Trim too much

Once you've started growing your beard and gotten comfortable with the length, you probably want to maintain it. Grooming, of course, keeps your beard looking neat and tidy. But there's a problem...Trim your beard too much, and you can alter the look in a way you might not like.

It's very common for people to cut off a bit of hair that is out of place. However, when you do this, you start reducing the look of the overall fullness of the beard. This isn't necessarily a problem if you have a very short beard, or you're going for a 5 o'clock shadow look. But over time, too much trimming is going to have your beard looking thinner over time--which may not be the look you're going for.

Bottom line: In most instances, you should limit full beard trims to approximately once per month. 


2. Wash your beard with soap

Don't use soap on your face or beard. The same holds true with body wash. Such products are notorious for drying out skin and hair. The result: everything from itchy skin to dandruff in your beard. If you have sensitive skin, the results can be worse. Soaps and body wash could leave behind residue that can irritate the skin. Go with a gentle cleanser, made specifically for the face, or use a quality beard wash.


3. Avoid using beard oil

If you have a beard, avoid using beard oil at your own peril. Beard oil can nourish not just your beard, but also the skin underneath. There several factors that could be drying out your skin. For example, your skin is more likely to be more dry in a cold, dry climate. What's more, the more your beard grows, it might be harder for your skin to create enough of the natural oil on your face as it usually does. So...yeah. Beard oil can help.

4. Skip the barbershop

Although you might be able to fix a leaky pipe, a plumber can do it better. It's what they do. They're experts.

Likewise, no matter how long you've been maintaining your beard, an experienced barber can help. A knowledgeable barber has likely styled hundreds (if not thousands) of beards. What's more, the barber can see things on your face from a different angle that you just can't see--even with a mirror.


5. Be in a hurry

If you've just started on your beard journey, you might be a bit dismayed if you're not seeing the results you want, when you want. Growing a beard takes time. There are several factors--genetics, lifestyle, diet--but it still takes time to grow a beard. For some people, their growth over a few weeks is equal to others' growth over a few months. 

Regardless, you can't rush the process. There is no magic formula (or magic beard oil) that can give you overnight results. Take your time, and enjoy the process.


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