6 Quick Questions and Answers About Itchy Scalp

6 Quick Questions and Answers About Itchy Scalp

Here are some commonly asked questions about itchy scalp.

  1. What are some common causes of an itchy scalp?

One of the most common causes, and maybe even THE most common cause of an itchy scalp is dandruff. But other causes could be eczema, head lice, or an allergic reaction to a hair care product. The environment can also play a part.. Factors such as dry air and too much sun can dry out the natural oils of the scalp and cause itchiness as well.

  1. What kinds of hair products (or ingredients in hair products) trigger scalp itchiness?

Everyone really is different. As such, many ingredients in products may cause scalp itchiness. The key point, however, is that not all people have the same reactions to products. So if you try a new product and wind up with an itchy scalp, check the label and see if it has the 3 P's:  parabens, preservatives, or propylene glycol. These are some of the more common irritants. 

  1. What treatments or medications relieve scalp itchiness? Are there any potential side effects?

Disclaimer: We’re not physicians. The first step is to understand why your scalp is itchy. If it's dandruff, for example, you wouldn't necessarily use the same shampoo as you would for eczema. Once you understand why you have the itch, search for an over-the-counter remedy. Ask your local pharmacist. If the condition doesn't improve, see a doctor. 

  1. What are some ways to keep scalp itchiness under control?

Make sure your scalp is clean and moisturized, but not OVERLY moisturized. That can cause a whole new set of problems. If you have dandruff but don't have sensitive skin, consider trying a strong dandruff shampoo. Then, keep the scalp moisturized with a conditioner specifically made for dandruff. If you have sensitive skin, wash the scalp with a mild cleanser. Follow up with a conditioner/moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin.

  1. Are there any underlying health conditions that may manifest as scalp itchiness?

One underlying health condition that can trigger an itchy scalp is nerve damage. This is something you want to address with your doctor if you suspect that may be the case.

  1. When should someone seek professional help for persistent scalp itchiness, and what kind of specialist should they consult?

If the itching continues after you've tried solutions, gets worse, or is just unbearable, you might want to visit a dermatologist.

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