Back to Normal (or, the State of Grooming After the Pandemic)

Back to Normal (or, the State of Grooming After the Pandemic)

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The world has gradually emerged from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not sure if it’s just me, but this summer (2023) felt like the first “normal” summer in a long time. 

With the pandemic mostly in the rearview, we now stand at a pivotal moment – a unique opportunity to fully reflect, redefine, and reconnect with ourselves. The pandemic may have forever reshaped our lives, but one constant remains: the significance of self-care and grooming in helping to restore a sense of normalcy and self-confidence.

The New Normal

The pandemic influenced grooming routines and self-care habits. From the surge in DIY grooming to a newfound appreciation for simplicity, a lot of us had to become more self-sufficient. As I’ve stated, my barber shop closed during the pandemic. So like millions of others, I pivoted, through the challenges, and I, like others, gained valuable lessons in adaptability and resilience.

Rediscovering the Basics

Now that the world has opened its doors anew, it's time to revisit the fundamentals of grooming. There is nothing like the joy of a well-groomed appearance – from fresh haircuts to polished shaving. Through these essential practices, we rediscover the confidence that comes from feeling put together, from being fresh, from having your look “tight.”

Elevating Our Self-Care Regimens

Let’s face it: the pandemic took a toll. Some of us let ourselves go…in multiple ways. In fact, some of us might’ve gotten downright sloppy. No judgment, and no worries. Sometimes it’s ok not being ok.

Now it’s time to regroup and to shine.

Getting back on track encompasses more than just grooming. From mindful skincare routines to therapeutic practices, we seek to nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits, reaping the rewards of holistic well-being. This is what self-care is all about. 

As we understand that self-care and grooming go hand in hand, we explore how the two intertwine to enhance our overall sense of confidence and contentment.

Celebrating Individuality

When people were wearing face masks everywhere during the peak of COVID, you often couldn’t tell who was who. Social distancing often meant not socializing in person anyway, and many of us became relegated into 2D images on a computer monitor.  

Now that mask mandates and lockdowns are behind us, we can come out and let our individuality shine through.

On a practical level, grooming has always been about hygiene. On a more personal level, it’s about celebrating individuality and self-expression. From proudly embracing our unique hairstyles to experimenting with grooming trends, we can find delight in exploring our distinctiveness, gaining a newfound appreciation for authenticity.

Grooming for Professional Success

As many of us have been going back into the office space, we’re reminded of the significance of grooming in making impactful first impressions. Now, people aren’t just seeing your “talking head” on the computer screen (while you’re wearing boxers and house shoes). Now it’s time to  present ourselves with confidence and professionalism, equipping ourselves for success in our careers and beyond. In a nutshell, it’s time to show up as the best avatar of yourself.

Reconnecting Through In-Person Professional Services

Remember when your salon or your barbershop first reopened? Recall how much you appreciated the simple pleasure of a trim? For many of us, this was a reigniting of our social connections. There was the camaraderie, the conversations, and the professional touch that came with the visit..

As we get back to our normal lives, we recognize that change is not about returning to past routines; it's about celebrating our growth and finding beauty in life's small joys. Through grooming and self-care, we discover our authenticity and celebrate our ability to adapt and thrive.

So let's enjoy “back to normal” together – as we rediscover grooming, reconnect with ourselves, and celebrate the beauty of our new beginning.




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