Great Father’s Day Gifts for All Types of Dads

Great Father’s Day Gifts for All Types of Dads

It's time to start thinking about your father before you can pat yourself on the back for choosing the ideal Mother's Day present.

We've picked together with the greatest gifts for all types of dads in honor of Father's Day, which falls on June 19 this year.

Whether your loved one is a beer connoisseur or an ardent golfer, an outdoorsy type, or a design connoisseur, we're confident you'll find the ideal gift here.

To make things even easier, practically everything on this list is available on Amazon (or our website)— but for those who prefer to browse elsewhere, we've located some items elsewhere as well.


A set of packing cubes can assist the dad who refuses to check his bags (but insists on being prepared for any weather circumstance) organize — and fitting — all of his gear into a carry-on. "The Russian nesting doll of luggage," says contributor Foster Kamer, who describes himself as a "compulsive over-packer."

Dad Hat

Get something designer. And if not get a "dad cap" in his team's colors, but without a logo, feels more mature.

Beard Oil

High-quality natural beard oil is another item you can give to someone with a beard. Look for oils like grapeseed oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil that have helpful components.

These will soften and condition the beard as well as the skin beneath it, making them ideal for someone looking to soften their facial hair. Additionally, proper beard oils can aid in the removal of flakes for a smooth appearance.

Essential oils like sandalwood and cedarwood act as natural colognes, so natural products will leave you feeling fresh.

Check out one of the best new beard oils on the market today here.

beard oil for fathers day

Survival Tools

Survivalists and other experts informed us that a hand-crank radio is an essential part of any emergency-preparedness kit in the event of a blackout (or worse). Shortwave radios from Kaito are popular among preppers, and this model, the KA500, can be powered by battery, solar, hand crank, USB, or wall outlet.

Endless Cup of Joe

If your father wants his at-home coffee to taste as nice as a cup from a barista, he'll love this Chemex pour-over, which Erika Vonie, a qualified Q grader, recommends (a.k.a. a coffee sommelier).

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