How to Take Care of Your Beard at Home Like a Movie Star

How to Take Care of Your Beard at Home Like a Movie Star

Your morning routine—brush, spit, and rinse—is mostly automatic. You know exactly how long it takes to get ready each morning, and everything works great.

Then, one day, you decide to grow a beard, and your carefully rehearsed performance falls apart. How can you make the most of your beard without worrying about it excessively? Is balm applied after beard oil? And when exactly do you comb?

A quick and simple at-home beard care routine with 5 steps has been developed by us. The outcomes will also speak for themselves.

Brush the beard

Before taking a shower, you should first brush your beard (dry).

To exfoliate and bring any beardruff to the surface, use a boar bristle brush. For optimal results, gently rub across and against the grain. You'll see it collect on the tips of your bristles if you have a tendency toward dry skin and beardruff. Don't worry, though. This makes washing it off in the shower simpler.

Next, gently touch the skin behind your beard in a circular manner using a brush with soft bristles on the ends (ideally rubber). The follicles and blood flow are stimulated by this. It also feels good.

Trim your mustache.

The second step is to trim your beard, though this doesn't have to be done every day.

The goal here is to maintain a clean-looking beard by shaving the neck and upper cheeks and trimming the mustache line.

Consult your neighborhood barber if it's time to trim your full beard or if you're hesitant to tackle it on your own. These people are talented artists who can do amazing things with your beard.

Because wet hair is longer than dry hair, you might find this to be simpler before taking a shower. Wet hair could be over-trimmed.

Whether using scissors or a trimmer, make sure your instruments are well-kept and precise. Cutting your beard with rough tools is as unproductive as it sounds; rather than getting a clean cut, the hair gets broken off, leaving you with tattered ends that may split.

Don’t forget the mustache line

First, trim any extra hair using clippers or scissors, paying special attention to the area around and beneath your nose. Additionally, don't be scared to shave the hair inside your nose.

After that, straighten out your mustache and pluck any hairs that are below your lip line. A trap for lunch is hair that grows longer.

Upper cheeks and the neck

Here, getting rid of unwanted hair outside of your beard is the main objective rather than altering the contours of your neck and upper cheeks.

Prepare your face as you normally would for a clean shave, but use less product to make the lines more visible.

Clean your beard

We're confident that we don't need to lecture you on the importance of hygiene. You might not be aware of it, but your beard needs special care because it is more likely to get dirty than other parts of your body.

In contrast to hair, your beard is more likely to be touched frequently throughout the day, both by you and your significant other as you contemplate life's great mysteries. As a result, all the germs from door handles, car steering wheels, and computer keyboards are quickly woven into your facial hair.

Use BLVD beard oil

After getting out of the shower, thoroughly massage your beard with your preferred beard oil or balm.

Oil is thin enough to pass through hair and cover your skin, leaving it nourished and protected, unlike thick moisturizing cream.

These items moisturize your skin and seal in moisture to your hair.

Style and brush your beard

Use your boar beard brush to evenly distribute the oil or balm after applying it to the beard.

To ensure that everything is covered, apply delicate, lengthy strokes that are side-to-side and against the grain.

You're almost done now! The final step is to style your beard to your preferences.

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