Outfit Ideas to Show Off Your New Beard Growth

Outfit Ideas to Show Off Your New Beard Growth

Beards have become so trendy in recent years that practically everyone is sporting one right now. But are there any certain outfits that go with the bearded look, or can you wear whatever you want?

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Do certain styles work better with a macho mane, or can you wear any style as long as you're confident in it? Is it possible to get away with almost any combination? Here are some clothing suggestions to assist you to answer these inquiries.


It's not always possible to combine elegance and casualness, especially if you have a beard, which is frequently linked with neither, but rather with toughness. However, one way to do it is to match slim jeans with a basic t-shirt, then finish with a camel woolen long coat, Ray-Bans, and a brown leather retro messenger bag.


Draping oneself in denim is one way to show off exactly how great having a beard is. Denim should be worn from head to toe, from your shirt to your shoes. A cap and some black bracelets will be necessary accessories to break up the blue pattern made by the jeans sequence. The converse is also a must-have.


One could argue that a fresh and clean shave complements the suit and tie combination well. However, this is not always the case. Beards can actually work well with a nice suit, especially if it's a modern take on the classics.


Being a hipster has recently been connected with having a beard, and being a hipster means going against the grain, which is exactly what you can do with an outfit. Choose odd colors, throw on a backpack, and keep your beard short.


For bearded men, taking inspiration from street fashion is also a fantastic option. The straight and harsh cuts go wonderfully with the machismo that guys with beards are known for. Jeans or stylish sweatpants, a loose t-shirt, and a sweatshirt are required. Also, don't forget the baseball cap. It's the one aspect of hip-hop attire that truly represents it.

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