Should I Shave My Beard in the Summer?

Should I Shave My Beard in the Summer?

Rocking a Beard This Summer? Why You Totally Should

When summer rolls around, a lot of guys ditch their beards thinking they'll stay cooler without all that facial hair. But keeping your mane could actually be a better idea for beating the heat. 

In a season where many choose to shed their beards for a cooler feel, the unexpected truth is that keeping your facial may allow you to stay more comfortable, even with rising temperatures. Here are a few reasons to maintain your beard this summer. 

Looking Fresh With Some Scruff
One of the big reasons guys shave for summer is the idea that a clean shaven face looks neater and fresher. There's this notion that beards just look sloppy and unkempt, especially when it's hot out. But that doesn't have to be the case. With some simple grooming, you can easily keep your beard looking sharp all summer.

The keys are regularly trimming to keep the edges looking crisp along your jawline and neck. Brushing and washing your beard routinely helps it lay neat, too. Do those basic things and your scruff can stay looking on point.

Stop That Dry, Crunchy Beard
Hot summer air can really dry out and damage your beard hair, making it feel brittle and look frizzy if you don't take care of it. Using a quality beard oil is a must for keeping your beard hydrated and healthy. Just work a few drops of the oil through your beard once a day (more if you sweat a lot), and it'll replenish any lost moisture and nutrients. 

Beard Benefits
Here's maybe the most convincing reason to keep rocking scruff in the summer: it can save your face from getting burned. Dense beards can actually block UV rays that can cause sunburns and skin cancer. Of course, you should still use sunscreen, especially if you're prone to getting burned. The more full and the better angle your beard is to the sun's rays, the more it'll deflect them.

The Beard Won't Make You Melt
The biggest worry about summer beards is that they'll just make your face a sweaty, hot mess in the heat and humidity. But you're wearing a beard, not a blanket. All that air can still flow through and let your face breathe.

In fact, some bearded guys say their facial hair even creates a cooling sensation. When their beard gets a little damp from sweat, any breeze that hits those wet hairs makes their face feel cooler from evaporation. So beards could help you chill out rather than overheat.

The bottom line is, putting in a little work on beard grooming and hydrating can allow you to keep your sweet facial hair game going all summer long. You'll look sharp, feel fresh, and your face might even thank you for the extra sun protection. Don't let summer stop you from getting your beard on...

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