Studies Show Women Like Men with Beards

Studies Show Women Like Men with Beards

There is a raging argument about whether or not women prefer guys who are clean-shaven or bearded. Bearded males reply with the many advantages of having a well-groomed face blanket while clean-shaven men preach about the advantages of a "well-groomed" man. The only genuine way to determine this was to survey women to find out their opinions, even though both sides do have valid points (that was difficult to state). This article will examine several polls that have been conducted, the results, and recommendations for the future. Let's get started by applying some BLVD Beard Oil to that beard.

Study by Neave and Shields

The effects of facial hair on women's judgments of men's beauty, masculinity, and power were examined in a 2008 study. The average attractiveness of the faces of men was rated by the female participants. Different stages of facial hair growth were visible on the faces: clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, short beard, or full beard. Women evaluated each face according to its masculinity, aggression, dominance, beauty, and social maturity, as well as whether they could envision themselves spending a lot of time or just a little time with the man.

According to the survey, women regarded light facial hair to be more attractive and could picture themselves as both short-term and long-term partners. The face with a full beard was perceived as the most dominant, aggressive, and socially mature, despite being outperformed by short stubble.

For stubble, one point. A full beard earns you three points. In our incredibly prejudiced view.

Study by Tessa R. Clarkson

Women's short- and long-term attractiveness to facial hair and facial masculinity were assessed using varied levels of facial hair development in a study conducted by Tessa R. Clarkson at the University of Queensland. According to the study, "under both short-term... and long-term conditions, highly masculinized faces were regarded as more appealing than any other level [of] masculinity." Additionally, it was discovered that "both short-term and long-term beauty ratings were lowest for the most feminine looks."

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