The 3 Best Clean Haircuts for Men

The 3 Best Clean Haircuts for Men

In the world of barbering, clients often want a barber's input on hairstyles. One question that often comes up: "What are the best clean cuts for men?" At the time of this writing (late 2023), the best clean cuts for men are the Low Caesar, Dark Caesar with a taper, and the Clean-Cut Baldy. However, these cuts are classic, and have been around for some time.

The Low Caesar varies, It can be a number 1 against the grain or a 1 and 1/2 against the grain (against the growth pattern of the hair). The difference being adding the 1/8" guard to the clipper and cutting the hair against the growth pattern (against the grain).

What Should You Ask the Barber For?
In the past, barbershops would have posters displaying different styles of haircuts that the customer could point out to say, "I'd like my haircut like number 2 or number 5." Some of the older barber shops still have those types of posters. Nowadays, the Internet has so many outlets to find styles of cuts the customer usually comes with a picture from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or a Google search to show the barber the type of cut they'd like.

If you don't have a picture of a clean cut, you can always say "take it low and line me up," "take it low but keep it dark," and of course "take it all off," which most barbers will confirm with the client that they want a Baldy or a bald head.

How do Clean Cuts Differ from Various Hairstyles?
Clean cuts differ from various hair styles because they are more conservative. They don't necessarily represent any type of style. They are welcomed in any environment. With a clean cut the hair is cut short, so the length gives the hair a universal look no matter the texture. As the hair grows out you're able to see the actual texture of the hair, which is different for every hair type.

The Afro or what we call "The Brooklyn" can be worn curly, kinky, locked up, or neat. A style that is trending now, which started during the pandemic, is guys basically just getting shape-ups or shape-ups and a taper. During the pandemic, people weren't able to go to the barbershops so they just let their hair grow. When the shops opened back up, guys would just want a shape up. They liked the way their natural hair looked.


How Does One Style Them?
The clean cut doesn't require much style. It's low maintenance, somewhat of a "get up and go" style. Typically, all a person needs is a brush or a small comb. Depending on the texture of hair, one may want to use a pomade or hair oil as a moisturizer for their scalp, or some type of gel as hold.

Tips for Maintenance
1.Keep your scalp clean and moisturized with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

2.Brush and/or comb your hair daily to release natural oil from your scalp.

3. Use a silk pillowcase when sleeping to prevent hair loss.

4. Wash your pillow case as well as any scarf or du-rag weekly to prevent any bacteria buildup.

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