The Trendiest Beards of the Year… So Far

The Trendiest Beards of the Year… So Far

Beards are they in for 2022? Absolutely, which implies it's time to update your appearance. Give up on the conventional shape you used to wear and try the greatest beard styles of 2022 since facial hair completely transforms a man's appearance and alters the shape of his face.

According to a survey performed by OnePoll on behalf of Honest Amish, 33% of American men and 55% of men globally have some type of facial hair. Only one-third of women thought full-bearded males were more appealing than clean-shaven guys.

Additionally, a YouGov survey revealed that the number of British males growing any sort of facial hair has grown since 2011, with a full beard remained the most popular option.

I'm going to show you which of the most popular beard trends for 2022 will give some flare to your appearance in this article. You can experiment as much as you like to discover what genuinely suits you, then adopt that appearance as your own.


The most straightforward facial hairdo for guys to grow is stubble. To get it, all you need to do is stop shaving for a few days. Additionally, it is the most versatile and easiest to maintain.

Women favor guys with facial hair, according to a Northumbria University study. Stubby guys "give women the blend of both-not too clearly masculine, yet mature," the experts claim.

Boxed Style

Men who want to add a serious touch to their faces can go with this corporate beard style, which is adaptable and appropriate for the workplace. A short beard is the perfect hirsute middle ground—kept neat but not too groomed—and goes well with a suit both in the office and down the pub on the weekends.

Most facial types will look well with a well-groomed beard, but you might need to adjust the angles to bring out your best features and hide your flaws.


One of those things that is definitely harder than it seems is growing a full beard. The more troubles you're likely to run into and the more maintenance your beard needs, the fuller it is.

The tapered beard is the most difficult to maintain of all beard types, in part because it is so intricate. Oval-faced men will have no trouble pulling it off, but if your face is anything other than an oval, you may need to do some creative trimming to make it fit.

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