Tricks to Trimming Your Beard While Growing It

You may have to endure a few uncomfortable phases when growing a beard in order to achieve the ideal appearance. (Especially in the event that the beard isn't as full as you'd like.) But you need to trim the hedges a little if it covers your face and begins to get bulky. In spite of growing it out. Reject that. particularly if you are growing it out.

That can seem ineffective: If the goal is length, why do you need to cut your beard? The same justification applies for getting haircuts while letting your hair grow to your shoulders: In order to stay in shape and avoid looking dystopian as you progress toward a bushy-beard utopia, routine upkeep is necessary.

You can trim your beard along the way, and it will still grow just as quickly. Use these particular suggestions to keep it looking great at all times.

Always comb it and clean it

Never trim a beard that is oily, product-covered, filthy, or moist. To accurately gauge how long the hairs are and which regions require the most care, you should only take care of them when it is cleanest and freshest. So, comb it into place and let it dry after using a beard shampoo (like BLVD Beard Oil). With no product added, this will get you very near to your permanent hairstyle and prepare it for a trim.

Although it seems absurd, use scissors rather than clippers.

You are essentially simply spot-checking your beard, so you won't jeopardize its length. You should use beard or mustache scissors (they are the same thing) to snap away at anything that is too straggly or bothersomely out of place rather than getting out the clippers and mowing over everything. It is that simple.

Use clippers for the cheek and necklines, however.

However, you will still require those clippers in order to preserve the cheeks and the neckline. (Of course, you may also shave them with a bladed razor.) This, in our opinion, is the most crucial approach to maintaining a neat appearance for your beard as it grows. Seize the edges!

It's easy to cut the neckline if you're unsure where to do it: Put your middle and index fingers directly on top of your Adam's apple. At this location, over your fingers, see a "U" form being drawn from behind each of your ears. Below this fictitious "U" goes everything. Whatever is above it remains.

Feed that guy

You must care for your beard whether you are growing it out or keeping it at a certain length. It remains healthy, supple, and soft as a result. Additionally, it supports fast-growing, healthy hair. Try applying a few drops of beard oil to a freshly washed, dry beard. Additionally, this will moisturize the skin behind your beard, which can get dry.

If you need something stronger, try a taming balm (like our fav, BLVD Beard Oil), which nourishes the hair while simultaneously holding it in place. Often, a beard oil acts as a light-hold style by coaching errant hairs into position.

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