3 Things to Consider when Switching from a Clipper shave to Razor Shave

3 Things to Consider when Switching from a Clipper shave to Razor Shave

If your hair grows as fast as mine then here are a few suggestions to help that shave last a bit longer. Some men have really sensitive skin which means that shaving with a razor can be a problem for them. For years I used the Andis T-Outliner www.andis.com to shave my clients as well as myself, which is a great tool for most. However, for those with really coarse hair it just doesn't get that super clean shave. 


1. When transitioning from a clipper to a razor start by using  an electric/cordless shaver. It takes the hair closer than the clipper but not as close as a razor. This way you'll be able to gauge how your skin responds. I prefer the BaByliss PRO (www.babyliss.com). It really gives a clean shave. So after you've shaved with the clipper, dust off the skin with a brush and  some powder then go back over the area with a shaver. This will take the hair down past the stubble you feel when just using the clipper.  



2. Some areas of the skin may be more sensitive than others so after shaving you may observe some irritation. Once you've shaved the area of your face or head use some form of antiseptic to prevent the growth of bacteria or disease-causing microorganisms. I prefer straight alcohol it's a topical antiseptic and sanitizer without all the other ingredients other aftershave lotions are known for. Give yourself a few days to observe how your skin is responding to the shaver. If there is no irritation that's a great sign. Now let's move on to the razor.


3. When I say skin tight I mean skin tight. Razors will give you that baby soft feel after shaving. It's a really clean shave but for some this will require more maintenance. For a guy like myself I need to shave every day or every other day because my hair grows really fast. I'm the guy that the term 5 o'clock shadow was made for. So for some you'll need to create a regiment. That means staying on top of your shaving habits. Also when you have curly hair and you shave with a razor there is a possibility that the new growth may curl back into the skin causing inflammation. This is known as razor bumps also technically called pseudofolliculitis barbae. A condition in which shaving causes inflammation and bumps to develop on the skin. The condition is common in men and usually occurs on the face but can also occur on the scalp. I've been using Harry's razors (www.harrys.com) lately and I'm very satisfied with the performance as well as the price. 



There's an art to shaving. Finding what works for your texture of hair and type of skin is the challenge. Each person may have a different formula of treatment. There are a host of products in the market that cater to mens grooming. I've taken some of the research out of it for you. Now it's up to you to create the system that suits your lifestyle. We're always here to answer any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to contact us if needed. 

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- Eric Heckstall


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